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Universitas Muhammadiyah Riau (UMRI) was established 12 years ago. We dream of making everyone able to pursue higher education. The result is that currently the total number of students who have attended education at UMRI has reached 11,401 consisting of 8,369 active students and 3032 who have graduated. At the beginning of its establishment, UMRI only educated around 800 students. UMRI continues to develop academically and facilities. Become a part of UMRI big family.
UMRI continues to be committed to facilitate student interests and talents outside the classroom. UMRI students can participate in various supporting activities through student activity units such as cultural arts activities, Islamic activities, nature lovers, media and technology, and so on. Also, for students who like to organize, UMRI accommodates them in the activities of the Student Association (HIMA) in 26 Study Programs, the Student Executive Board (BEM) in 8 Faculties, and the communities of each department with specific interests. Student achievements are not only in the academic field. So that UMRI is very supportive by including students from various study programs in student exchange programs to local and international competitions.
This year, we are in a time of uncertainty. We never imagined, anyone would have guessed, but everyone is now affected by it.

Corona, the depreciation of the rupiah, low levels of economy and trade, loss of employment, layoffs, bankruptcy of small and medium-sized businesses, has triggered the economic instability of the community. With uncertain conditions, people will tend to wait and see, to reduce family financial risks, at least until the corona pandemic is passed. This results in families and friends of prospective students becoming indecisive to continue their education to higher education.

When the picture of the current economic problems of the community is quite alarming, do we have to be bleak and pessimistic? So that makes us not continue education to the Higher Education that has been dreamed of. Though education is one indicator in measuring the welfare of the community. A society with high education is also expected to have a high quality of life so that welfare can be achieved.

The condition of the Covid-19 Pandemic requires UMRI to quickly adapt to the new normal conditions. Since March 2020, UMRI has anticipate the spread of the virus in the campus environment. Quickly respond to the use of technology and new healthy habits. UMRI carries out academic activities and services for all academicians in the network. Several systems service that was maximized by UMRI during the pandemic, including:

1. SIKULI (Information System and Online Lecture), this system accommodates online lectures starting from attendance, uploading material, discussion rooms, communication between lecturers and students, and others. This system continues to experience various features to meet the needs of lecturers.

2. SIPATU (Integrated Academic Service System), this system helps all student administrative needs from submitting academic letters to approval. This system has been integrated with the account of each student

3. SIJAMU (Quality Assurance System), this system is a quality assurance system that continues to monitor academic activities online. The aim is that the quality of teaching and learning continues to be good.

UMRI also fulfills the health protocol needs by procuring hand sanitizers in every corner of the campus, providing sinks and soap in every building, and checking the body temperature of visitors.

At the graduation ceremony for the April 2020 period, UMRI postponed the procession due to the very high number of Covid-19 transmission. However, as a commitment for UMRI to serve students to become alumni, UMRI held a graduation ceremony in December 2020 by implementing standard health protocols. 'A total of 23 graduation sessions were held in 8 days. This face-to-face graduation successfully graduated 726 graduates and became the most graduates inaugurated by UMRI in the last few years.

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